Killed by her Teenage Neighbour – The Murder of Alanna Gallagher

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19th March 2019  •  4 min read

On the 1st of July, 2013, the paths of two residents from Saginaw, Texas, collided. Alanna Gallagher, 6, was lured to the home of her teenage neighbour, Tyler Holder, 17.

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The residents of Babbling Book Drive in Saginaw, Texas, often noticed two people who roamed the streets alone. One was 6-year-old Alanna Gallagher, a friendly little girl who loved Veggie Tales and the colour purple.1 She was much too young to be outside alone but she could often be spotted on her purple bicycle in pursuit of finding friends. “Alanna was a gregarious child, known to many neighbours. She was also known to walk the neighbourhood alone, calling on friends to play,” recalled a neighbour. She lived at home with her mother, her father, and her mother’s other boyfriend. They were in a polyamorous relationship and co-parenting Gallagher and her siblings. While the family were mostly well-liked, the fact that they allowed their young daughter to play alone unsupervised raised many questions from neighbours.

The other person who roamed the same neighbourhood was 17-year-old Tyler Lane Holder who lived several doors away. Former classmates and friends of Holder would describe him as a “socially awkward” teenager who often joked about rape and made people feel uneasy.2 “He was the kid that you were always really nice to because you didn’t know if he was going to come shoot up the school,” recalled Mikayla Dawson, one of his classmates. Much like Gallagher, Holder could also frequently be spotted wandering the streets alone.

On the 1st of July, 2013, their paths collided.

Tyler Holder. Credit: Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office.

On that fateful afternoon, Gallagher had been on her usual pursuit of finding somebody to play with. At around 2PM, she knocked on a neighbour’s door and asked if she could play with their grandson. “She just loves my grandson. She really wanted to play,” recalled the neighbour. The grandson, however, was going to the mall with his grandmother and couldn’t play with Gallagher. She said she would wait for him to get back and continued to wait outside their house. This was the last time she was never seen alive.

Gallagher hadn’t even been reported missing when a couple of boys found her body at Roundrock Drive and Cindy Lane, just a few short miles from her home, at around 7PM that evening. She was partially naked and wrapped up in a grey tarp and a brown leather belt. Plastic bags were wrapped around her head with duct tape around her neck. Her hands and feet had been bound with duct tape and she had been stuffed inside a black trash bag. She had been raped and then suffocated. Her body showed signs of head and face trauma as well as abrasions and bruising on parts of her body including fingertip injuries to her lower abdomen. Her autopsy concluded that at some point either before or after her murder, Gallagher had been immersed in water, potentially to wash away any evidence. Nevertheless, sperm and other DNA was retrieved from the crime scene.3

The body remained unidentified until later on that night when Gallagher was finally reported missing. It was 9:15PM when her mother flagged down a police car to inform them her daughter was gone. Despite this, Holder was reportedly telling people that the body that had been found was Gallagher. As police and neighbours gathered on Gallagher’s street, Holder was acting suspiciously. He was spotted pacing up and down the street. His peculiar behaviour arose suspicions amongst neighbours and police and a search warrant was issued for his home. Several items were removed from the home and Holder provided a DNA swab. Days later, the DNA test came back as match to that found at the crime scene. In addition, his DNA was found on a belt buckle found at the crime scene and dog hair found inside the plastic bag matched dog hair found inside Holder’s home. Police also retrieved trash bags from his home which matched the trash bag Gallagher was found in.4

Alanna Gallagher. Credit: The Gallagher Family.

When the DNA match was made, police rushed to Holder’s home with an arrest warrant. As they approached the door, Holder said he wasn’t going to speak to them before he produced a handgun from behind him and opened fire on the officers. He shot Arlington Police Detective Charles Lodatto in the groin before being tackled to the ground by another officer. During the scuffle, Holder received a gunshot wound to the head before being apprehended. The officers had hoped Holder would surrender peacefully which is why they didn’t think it be necessary to use a SWAT team to serve the arrest warrant. Both Lodatto and Holder were rushed to hospital where they made a full recovery.

As it soon became known, Holder had lured Gallagher to his home when his mother was out at work. Once inside, he sexually tortured the youngster before strangling her to death with his belt and some plastic bags.5 Alanna Gallagher’s funeral was conducted at Calvary Lutheran Church in Richland Hills and she was subsequently buried at Greenwood Cemetery.

Due to his young age, Holder avoided the death penalty. In 2012, the Supreme Court declared that life sentences without parole were unconstitutional for defendants under 18. Holder pleaded guilty to a murder charge and was sentenced to life in prison. He also pleaded guilty to an attempted capital murder charge for shooting the officer and received a 40 year sentence. Holder must serve at least 50 years before getting a chance at parole. During his trial, Gallagher’s mother, Laura Gallagher, gave a victim impact statement: “It does not bring her back to us. No matter how much suffering you undergo in prison, it won’t be as much as all the people who knew and loved Alanna have been and will continue to be suffering. I hope you remember this and that you live with shame for what you have done, every day that you live, every day that Alanna is gone from us.”6

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2 years ago

I lay 50% of the blame on this perv murderer and 50% on this poor baby’s parents. THEY should have kept a closer rein on a 6 yr old. Alanna was on this planet roughly 2100 days-what did SHE know about perverts? Obviously no one told her to avoid older kids, not that this perv male could in any way be considered a kid except chronologically. I’m so sorry that mama cared more about the 2 males in her life than she did her own flesh and blood. HIS parents had to know he was an untrustworthy loser who needed… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Diana

This, right here. The second I read “polyamorous” I thought, here’s some parents who care more about their sex lives than their kids.

1 month ago
Reply to  Diana

no. bad things happen because of bad people. if it wasn’t Alana, it would have eventually been someone else. although she was clearly too young to be out by herself, this happened because psychopaths like Tyler exist, not because she was out alone, because like the article says she was out by herself all the time and nothing bad happened until she came across the path of someone like Tyler. you blaming her parents for this is like blaming an adult rape victim for their rape because they were out alone late at night. I personally wouldn’t give my child… Read more »

Ari Hudson
Ari Hudson
2 years ago

This is such a horrible case…. She didn’t stand a chance. I am not blaming the parents at all but how could they let her be outside alone and not notice her missing? She was just a baby 🙁

2 years ago

Good parenting… Not even noticing your kid was missing until that late.

6 months ago
Reply to  Jax

In the 80s? Fine. We as kids regularly hopped on our bikes and the rule was be home when the streetlights came on. Now? My kids text me every half hour and I have GPS on their cells (our whole family does) and bikes (we’ve had a few stolen). They also have to be home in time for dinner and chores…6:30pm. There’s no way in hell I wouldn’t be missing my kids til damn near 9:30pm. The thing is, if she was 6 years old…she’d have never left my sight or my property. There were THREE adults allegedly co-parenting her,… Read more »

Cassi Villegas
Cassi Villegas
1 year ago

Tyler was definitely a weird one.I knew him personally. He was just a child himself, but already such a strange and devious person..He spent too much time alone. His mother was always at work. I blame all of the parents in this case: his and Alanna’s. And of course I blame Tyler. He often spoke of rape, and he told me he wanted to be famous… He deserves to be in prison for the rest of his life. The anniversary of her death is in a couple of months. The death of this beautiful child had impacted Saginaw in such… Read more »

4 months ago
Reply to  Cassi Villegas

17 years old is not a child. He’s a psychopath. My mother was always working, what is your point?

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