Morbidology the Podcast – 01: Timmy Wiltsey

Podcast released on: 10th June 2019

In May of 1991, Timmy Wiltsey was reported missing from the Sayerville carnival, New Jersey. It would take over two decades before justice was finally served.

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This story takes place in South Amboy, New Jersey, and spans over 25 years. 5-year-old Timothy William Wiltsey, or Timmy as he was affectionately known by his loved ones, lived in a modest home with his single mother, 23-year-old Michelle Lodzinski. Those who knew Timmy recalled that he was mostly timid and shy but that he could be outgoing when he felt like it. He had a peculiar quirk of sleeping with his sneakers on and adored his cat, Norton, who slept in his bed each night. In the mornings, Timmy would wake up and wait for Nortan to “attack” his feet from under the covers. Timmy also adored the ice-cream man and fire trucks. He was quite a quirky young boy and family members would say that he loved lawn mowers and get quite angry if a relative cut their grass without him present.

Unfortunately Timmy never got the chance to reach his full potential. In May of 1991, Timmy was reported missing by his mother from a carnival. It would take over two decades before justice was finally served.


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Ever Mindful – Kevin MacLeod

Dark Tranquillity – Anno Domini Beats

“Retired Detective Recounts Three Versions of Disappearance”

“N.J. woman’s story changed after boy’s disappearance, ex-boyfriend says”

“Retired FBI agent testifies in Michelle Lodzinski murder trial”

“Danielle Marquis testifies that Lodzinski was unemotional at son’s funeral”

“Michelle Lodzinski sentenced to 30 years for the murder of her son”

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“School nurse testifies in Timothy Wiltsey murder trial

“1991 police interviews with Michelle Lodzinski about her son’s disappearance”

“Arizona man testifies about Timothy Wiltsey’s murder”

“Michelle Lodzinski guilty of murdering son Timmy Wiltsey”

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