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Morbidology the Podcast – 09: The Weepy-Voiced Killer

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For a number of serial killers, sometimes the act of murder just isn’t enough to satisfy them. Some taunt the police in letters. Some call family members to tease them. Some take to the media to stir up emotions. Such cat-and-mouse messages often satisfy the killer’s desperate ego and heighten their sense of control over the world. They want recognition and attention for their crimes But sometimes, these messages can be spurred by a sense of guilt, whether conscious or not. 

Between 1980 and 1982, a serial killer was terrorizing Minneapolis residents. He became known as the “Weepy-Voiced Killer” due to the emotional phone calls he would make to police following his murders, begging them to catch him.

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Leader-Telegram, 19 DEcember, 1997 – “Confession no Surprise to YOung Victim’s Family”

The La Crosse Tribune, 20 December, 1997 – “Inmate Confesses to Murders Before Impending Death”

Leader-Telegram, 21 December, 1997 – “Chilling Tale”

Star Tribune, 19 December, 1997 – “Oak Park Heights Inmate Admits to 3 Unsolved Killings”

Star Tribune, 19 March, 1982 – “Compton”

Chippewa Herald-Telegram, 13 July, 1981 – “No Suspect, Little is Known in Woman’s Death”

The Winona Daily News, 6 June, 1981 – “Murder Final Tragedy in Pepin Girl’s Life”

Star Tribune, 1 March, 1986 – “Greening”

Star Tribune, 20 February, 1985 – “Witness Says Stephani Left With Slaying Victim”

Star Tribune, 15 February, 1985 – “Bartender Testifies Suspect, Victim Were in Same Bar Night Before Slaying”

Star Tribune, 20 October, 1983 – “Defense Seeks Dismissal of Indictment”

Star Tribune, 14 March, 1985 – “Stephani Convicted of Second-Degree Murder in Woman’s Stabbing Death”

Audio Sources:

“The Weepy-Voiced Killer” – Serial Killer Documentaries

“Murder Calls – Seeing Red”

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