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Morbidology the Podcast – 12: Mick Philpott

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As human beings, we all have ambitions and goals. For a number of people all across the world, their life’s ambition is quite simply to have a large family. In a perfect world, babies are born into hard-working families that do their best to provide for them a loving home and a stable environment. But what about those that are seen as nothing more than a source of income?

Mick Philpott first saw his name in the headlines in 2006, when he requested a bigger council-house for his massive family. Philpott had fathered 17 children by a number of different women and to fund his family, he relied solely on state benefits. His lifestyle was something which angered a number of hard-working Britons who felt as though he was procreating solely as a means of income.  

Britain had almost forgotten about the Philpott family when in 2012, tragedy struck when their house went up in flames, opening one of the most shocking criminal investigations that Derby had ever seen.

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Audio Sources:

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“LIFE imprisonment. See Mick Philpott’s television appearances”

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