Morbidology the Podcast – 132: Jai, Tyler & Bailey Farquharson

Podcast released on: 27th December 2021

It was September of 2005 when a man came running up the dam beside the Princes Highway in Victoria, Australia. He was soaking wet and had the look of fear frozen on his face. The man managed to flag down a passing vehicle. He exclaimed that he had crashed his car into the dam and…

It was September of 2005 when a man came running up the dam beside the Princes Highway in Victoria, Australia. He was soaking wet and had the look of fear frozen on his face. The man managed to flag down a passing vehicle. He exclaimed that he had crashed his car into the dam and it had sunk to the bottom of the dark and icy waters. He then added that his three children were still inside the car…


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