Morbidology the Podcast – 133: Samantha Josephson

Podcast released on: 3rd January 2022

In March of 2019, a young woman vanished after leaving a bar in Columbia, South Carolina. She had ordered an Uber while standing outside the bar on her own. CCTV footage from outside the bar would capture the young woman entering a vehicle which had pulled up alongside her. By first appearances, it was the…

In March of 2019, a young woman vanished after leaving a bar in Columbia, South Carolina. She had ordered an Uber while standing outside the bar on her own. CCTV footage from outside the bar would capture the young woman entering a vehicle which had pulled up alongside her. By first appearances, it was the Uber that she had ordered. However, by the following morning, the young woman still hadn’t arrived home and an investigation was launched.   


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