Morbidology the Podcast – 135: Heather Bogle

Podcast released on: 17th January 2022

Clyde is a small city located in Ohio, in the United States. It’s a tight-knit city with a small population and civic pride among the residents. The crime rate in Clyde is extremely low but in Spring of 2015, this quaint city would be rocked by an extremely heinous crime that began to unravel following…

Clyde is a small city located in Ohio, in the United States. It’s a tight-knit city with a small population and civic pride among the residents. The crime rate in Clyde is extremely low but in Spring of 2015, this quaint city would be rocked by an extremely heinous crime that began to unravel following a gruesome discovery in a car park. The tense investigation into the murder would prove that sometimes, those in charge of murder cases can be extremely corrupt and can sometimes botch or taint an investigation and sometimes, even put their own career before the life of an innocent person.


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