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Morbidology the Podcast – 14: Carlos DeLuna

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The death penalty. It’s easily one of the biggest debates in America. Even today. Now those who agree with the death penalty like to imagine that the state never gets it wrong. However, that’s just not the case. It is better that ten guilty people go free than one innocent person be killed for a crime he did not commit. The case of Carlos DeLuna is not a lesson in justice, but injustice. It truly lays bare America’s broken “machinery of death.” The term machinery of death comes from Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun, who spent 24 years reviewing and often upholding death sentences. He had come to the conclusion that the potential for error is just far too great in a system which is “fraught with arbitrariness, discrimination, caprice and mistake.”

And while a large majority of people believe that America has the best justice system in the world, the case of Carlos DeLuna proves that even in America, an innocent man can be executed.

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The Wrong Carlos: Anatomy of a Wrongful Execution by James S. Liebman, Shawn Crowley, Andrew Markquart, Lauren Rosenberg

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Audio Sources:

“At the Death House Door”

“Karen Bodrie-Evers Interview”

“ABC’s “World News Tonight” on Carlos DeLuna”

“Janie Adrian (JA) Interview”

“Priscilla Jaramillo Interview”

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kathryn prior
kathryn prior

This podcast was by far the saddest I have ever listened to. The fact that the police wasn’t willing to find Carlos Hernandez was disgusting, they should have done more. Listening to Carroll Pickett talking about how Carlos called him daddy and asked him to hold his hand during his execution broke my heart.

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