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Morbidology the Podcast – 15: Devon Guzman

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It’s said that your teenage years are the most formative years of your life. They’re the years for finding yourself. Yeah, we’re all familiar with that cheesy cliché. But then there was Devon Guzman from Easton, Pennsylvania. At just 19-years-old, Devon knew exactly who she was. Openly gay, she drove around with a rainbow flag on the bumper of her car, always attracting an unamused glance from the intolerant locals.

But in 2000, Devon found herself as the star of a tragic tale of love and betrayal among three women and a man. This volatile mix of teenage angst and jealousy would eventually lead to a brutal murder.

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The Express-Times, 17 June, 2000 – “Family Wants Answers”

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The Morning Call, 17 June, 2000 – “Slain Woman’s Family Mourns, Wonders Why”

The Morning Call, 19 June, 2000 – “Peace Rally Remembers a Woman Killed”

The Morning Call, 23 June, 2000 – “Easton Police Sift Homicide Clues”

Express-Times, 29 July, 2000 – “Cops Have Suspect in Woman’s Killing”

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The Morning Call, 15 August, 2000 – “Victim Intimate with Suspect in her Slaying”

The Morning Call, 24 August, 2000 – “Hearing Slated for Easton Murder Suspects”

The Express-Times, 11 October, 2000 – “Guzman’s Fatal Fight Described”

The Express-Times, 11 October, 2000 – “Enraged Father Threatens Accused Killers”

The Morning Call, 11 October, 2000 – “DA Calls Slaying Suspects Amateurs”

The Morning Call, 2 December, 2000 – “Easton Murder May Have Taken Place in Garage”

The Morning Call, 5 December, 2000 – “Easton Murder not a Capital Case”

The Morning Call, 27 September, 2001 – “Bloss Asserted Claim on Hetzel”

The Morning Call, 28 September, 2000 – “Examiner Testified Guzman’s Killer Held Her From Behind”

The Express-Times, 3 October, 2000 – “Hetzel Testifies in Own Defense”

The Morning Call, 4 October, 2001 – “Easton Homicide Case Could go to the Jury Today”

The Express-Times, 12 August, 2005 – “Murder Case Journal Writer Admits Theft”

The Express-Times, 16 June, 2002 – “Anatomy of a Murder”

Audio Sources:

“Forensic Files – Season 9, Ep 16: Cries Unheard”

“The Secret Vows: The Murder of Devon Guzman”

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