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Morbidology the Podcast – 22: Garrett Phillips

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Potsdam is a small college town in New York of around 9,400 residents. It is located around 20 miles from the Canadian border and has an active downtown strip from the 1950s which morphs into the usually combination of strip malls and chain stores. It is predominantly white. In 2010, it was almost 90% white and less than 3% black.

On the 24th of October, 2011, a young boy lay dead on his apartment floor as Potsdam village police embarked on an investigation into his slaying. But did that investigation focus solely on one man before other avenues of investigation were adequately pursed?

Long before fingerprints or DNA had even been analysed, Potsdam Village Police zoned in on one man in particular and with an overzealous prosecutor forsaking justice in the name of keeping her campaign promise, tunnel vision took over.

Tunnel vision can set in when a horrific crime takes place and there is tremendous public pressure to find the killer. People can often be hard-wired to find support for their conclusions even when this support does not exist and ignore information that challenges their conclusion. The presumption of innocence is a cornerstone of justice and when tunnel vision takes over, the wheels of justice move even slower.

The case of Garrett Philips had the elements of a classic whodunit, and according to who you ask, it also had the elements of a race-based prosecution.

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“Who Killed Garrett Phillips?”

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I love your voice and accent. I think Hillary was innocent and penalized for being a black man.

Macy Drake
Macy Drake

Hard to believe a case from my home town is on here. I didn’t personally know Garrett, but I knew people who knew him. I was 16 at the time of his murder and it really shook the whole north country. I know a lot of us weren’t allowed to be home alone for a long time after this happened, even when they supposedly caught the killer. Even to this day, when travelling around Potsdam, you can still find “Justice for Garrett” signs in yards and such. People are very divided about if Hillary is innocent or not but people are a lot less likely to get angry and go on a rant about Hillary needing to be murdered now as they used to be.


I remember when this happened too. I was living nearby. It never made big news really anywhere other than our area, at least I hadn’t noticed it did. As Macy said and the podcast said we were all so conflicted. Some even still are. I have my personal theory but will leave it at that.

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