Morbidology the Podcast – 25: Rebecca Middleton

Podcast released on: 9th December 2019

In the summer of 1996, Bermuda was rocked by the brutal murder of a young tourist and the injustice that ensued, leaving a black cloud hovering over this idyllic English colony.

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Bermuda is a British dependent territory in the North Atlantic Ocean, just around 590 miles off the United States Coast. It isn’t a third-world country or a struggling developing nation. It has the one of the highest per capital incomes in the world. In 1996, it had a population of around 60,000 and prided itself on its low crime rate, white sandy beaches and golf courses. Because of this, Bermuda was a widely popular and trouble-free resort, especially popular among Americans. On average, half a million people visit Bermuda yearly. Bermuda was also home to a number of expatriates, many of whom come from British Commonwealth countries and they are attracted to the island because it is steeped in British traditions. 

With such a small population and low crime rate, island news seldom ventured beyond local newspapers or travel news. That was, at least, until summer of 1996, when the world was rocked by the brutal murder of a young tourist and the injustice that ensued, leaving a black cloud hovering over this idyllic English colony. 

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The Hamilton Spectator, 4 July, 1996 – “Ontario Teen Murdered in Bermuda”

The Toronto Star, 4 July, 1996 – “Teen Slain on Bermuda Vacation”

The Toronto Sun, 4 July, 1996 – “Belleville Student Slain in Bermuda” 

The Toronto Star, 5 July, 1996 – “Help Find Killer, Girl’s Parents Ask Bermuda”

The Toronto Sun, 5 July, 1996 – “Arrest Near in Bermuda”

The Kingston Whig-Standard, 6 July, 1996 – “Parents of Slain Teen asks Bermudians for Help”

The Toronto Star, 6 July, 1996 – “Parents Bring Slain Teen’s Body Home for Burial”

The Toronto Sun, 7 July, 1996 – “Bermuda Seeks Canuck Help”

The Hamilton Spectator, 8 July, 1996 – “Police Closing in on Teen’s Killer”

The Toronto Sun, 8 July, 1996 – “Two Men Held in Bermuda Slaying”

The Hamilton Spectator, 10 July, 1996 – “1,000 Say Goodbye to Slain Teenager” 

The London Free Press, 10 July, 1996 – “Belleville Mourns Second Teen”

The Toronto Sun, 10 July, 1996 – “Bermuda Cops Turn Up Heat”

The London Free Press, 11 July, 1996 – “Pair Questioned in Killing of Belleville Teenager”

The Toronto Sun, 11 July, 1996 – “Pair Held in Bermuda Killing”

 Waterloo Region Record, 6 September, 1996 – “Missing DNA Evidence Stalls Murder Trial”

 The Toronto Sun, 17 October, 1996 – “Island Justice Angers Family”

The Hamilton Spectator, 22 October, 1996 – “Accomplice Did Killing, Bermuda Youth Says”

 The Kingston Whig-Standard, 4 February, 1998 – “Top Prosecutor Defends New Charges in Killing” 

The Kingston Whig-Standard, 6 march, 1998 – “Muddleton Murder”

Associated Press, 23 November, 1998 – “Man Accused of Killing Canadian Girl Goes on Trial in Bermuda”

The Calgary Sun, 24 November, 1998 – “Teen Girl’s Last Hours Described”

The Edmonton Sun, 25 November, 1998 – “Witnss in Teen Murder a Liar”

The Edmonton Sun, 26 November, 1998 – “Teen Died with a Tear in her Eye”

The Calgary Sun, 27 November, 1998 – “Teen Tortured”

The Hamilton Spectator, 28 November, 1998 – “Two People Killed Rebecca in Bermuda”

The Edmonton Sun, 1 December, 1998 – “O.J. Witness Attacked in Bermuda Murder Trial”

The Edmonton Sun, 2 December, 1998 – “Autopsy Doc Casting Doubt on Murder Case”

The Edmonton Sun, 3 December, 1998 – “Teen Recalls Hours Before Murder”

The Toronto Sun, 3 December, 1998 – “Teens Took Separate Rides”

The Calgary Sun, 4 December, 1998 – “Host Couldn’t Believe It”

The Calgary Sun, 7 December, 1998 – “Guilt Shared”

The Kingston Whig-Standard, 8 December, 1998 – “Knife Matches Suspect’s Collection”

Waterloo Region Record, 11 December, 1998 – “Evidence Fails to put Accused at Murder Site, Judge Says”

The Associated Press, 16 December, 1998 – “Bermuda Murder Case Thrown Out”

The Barrie Examiner, 29 February, 2000 – “Man Won’t be Tried Again for Killing”

The Brockville Recorder and Times, 18 August, 2000 – “Bermuda Inquiry Hears List of Shortcomings in Judiciary”

The Toronto Sun, 7 October, 2003 – “Bermuda Stabber Released”

The Guelph Mercury, 16 April, 2004 – “Killer Offers Sympathy, It’s Meaningless Says Mom”

The Sudbury Star, 31 January, 2008 – “Teen’s Murder Ends with Injustice”

The Barrie Examiner, 30 June, 2016 – “Daughter Still Part of the Family”

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