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Morbidology the Podcast – 29: Tristan Jensen

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Redlands is a tranquil city in San Bernardino County, California. It’s known for its gracious Victorian homes, the Lincoln Shrine, acres of orange groves and low crime rate. While many surrounding cities are rife with gang violence and random street violence, residents of this bucolic city like to think that they inhabit an oasis. But throughout the 1990s, a wave of youth violence rocked the city and shattered their idyll. The violence culminated with the mysterious disappearance of a 14-year-old boy.

For a parent or guardian, their child going missing is undoubtedly their worst nightmare but the outcome of this case was even more horrific than anybody could have ever fathomed.

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The Press-Enterprise, 5 November, 1998 – “Parents Say Son Didn’t Kill”

The Press-Enterprise, 7 November, 1998 – “Parents’ Bail Hearing Features Explosive Video”

The Press-Enterprise, 19 November, 1998 – “Couple’s Attorney Will Help Raise Bail”

The Press-Enterprise, 12 December, 1998 – “Redlands Teen Will Stand Trial As An Adult”

The Press-enterprise, 20 May, 1999 – “Briefs”

The Press-Enterprise, 19 August, 1999 – “Couple Pleads Guilty to Weapons Charges”

The Press-Enterprise, 20 November, 1999 – “Slaying Closer to Court”

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The Press-Enterprise, 16 April, 2000 – “Trial to Start in Boy’s Slaying”

The Press-Enterprise, 18 April, 2000 – “Trial of Redlands Teenage Opens”

The Press-Enterprise, 21 April, 2000 – “Judge to Rule on Police Videos”

The Press-Enterprise 25 April, 2000 – “Boy Possibly Chopped Up”

The Press-Enterprise, 27 April, 2000 – “Inland Teen Guilty of Boy’s Killing”

The Press-Enterprise, 27 June, 2000 – “Boy Who Killed Pal Gets 16 Years”

The Sun, 1 November, 2002 – “Redlands Teen Guilty in Grisly Killing”

The Sun, 1 November, 2002 – “Remsen’s Rights Violated”

The Sun, 1 November, 2002 – “15-Year-Old Arrested in Classmate’s Death”

The Sun, 1 November, 2002 – “Teen to be Tried as Adult in Slaying”

The Sun, 4 November, 2002 – “Ramsen Day 6”

The Sun, 13 December, 2002 – “Victim Known for Upbeat Attitute” 

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