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Morbidology the Podcast – 30: Vera Jo Reigle

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The intellectually disabled are among the most vulnerable within the community. While many can lead normal lives, including holding down a job and raising a family, there are a number that sadly suffer in silence and need that extra bit of help. In an ideal world, those that struggle mentally would have a mentor or a guardian that have their very best interests at heart and assist them with their life decisions.

However, sadly for 24-year-old Vera Jo Reigle from Findlay, Ohio, she was truly alone in the world and those who appeared closest to her, were – in reality – her number one enemy. Poverty, drugs, neglect and abuse made up the four walls of a literal house of horrors for Vera Jo and in 2011, her disturbing death reverberated in a community which prides itself on being caring and compassionate and led to a discussion about what could be done to better identify and assist those who may be unwilling or unable to ask for help.

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“Goodnight Sugar Babe – The Killing of Vera Jo Reigle”

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