Morbidology the Podcast – 51: Damilola Taylor

Podcast released on: 8th June 2020

To some, Britain seems like a utopia. Each year, thousands of people from all across the world flock to Britain in search of a better life. They all come filled with hope and anticipation of what their new life in Britain will look like. In 2000, a family from Nigeria came to Britain looking for…

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To some, Britain seems like a utopia. Each year, thousands of people from all across the world flock to Britain in search of a better life. They all come filled with hope and anticipation of what their new life in Britain will look like. In 2000, a family from Nigeria came to Britain looking for pastures greener. Instead, however, they found themselves all too aware of just how depraved and cruel other human beings can be and got a stark insight into the dark underbelly of urban and lawless Britain.



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Evening Standard, 28 November, 2000 – “Murdered 10-Year-Old Boy Stabbed by London Bullies”

Evening Standard, 28 November, 2000 – “Knife Murder of Boy Aged 10”

Evening Standard, 28 November, 2000 – “He Was an Eager 10-Year-Old Staying Behind After School”

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Evening Standard, 29 November, 2000 – “Murder Boy Came Here to Help Sister”

Evening Standard, 29 November, 2000 – “Expelled Bullies Are the Suspects”

Evening Standard, 29 November, 2000 – “My Son is Dead and I am Bitter”

The Express, 30 November, 2000 – “Desperate Plea  for Families to Give up Killer Sons”

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News of the World, 3 December, 2000 – “Oh My God, My Beautiful Boy”

The Independent, 4 December, 2000 – “Peckham Mourns Damilola’s Death”

Evening Standard, 6 December, 2000 – “Distraught, Yet so Dignified”

The Herald, 8 December, 2000 – “Forgive Me For Not Being There”

Evening Standard, 15 December, 2000 – “Four Still in Custody”

The Sun, 21 December, 2000 – “Damilola Suspect Headbutts a Cop”

Birmingham Mail, 22 December, 2000 – “New Damilola Plea”

Sunday Mercury, 24 December, 2000 – “Damilola Image in Hunt for Killers”

The Independent, 27 December, 2000 – “Anger and Guilt at Failure to Catch Damilola’s Killers”

Irish Times, 18 January, 2001 – “Damilola Laid to Rest Seven Weeks after Murder”

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The Independent, 9 February, 2001 – “Police Find Witness to Attack”

The People, 27 May, 2001 – “You Can’t Prove We Did It”

The Daily Mirror, 21 June, 2001 – “Dami Held My Arms, Held on to them tight”

The Times, 28 June, 2001 – “Damilola Youths Face a Packed Courtroom”

Coventry Telegraph, 27 November, 2001 – “Naming Tribute to Boy Stabbed to Death”

The Daily Mirror, 27 November, 2001 – “Dami Wanted to Help Others”

The Daily Mirror, 17 Janaury, 2002 – “Damilola 4 Spared Ordeal in the Dock”

The Birmingham Post, 31 Janaury, 2002 – “Damilola Targeted by Young Robbery Gang”

The Birmingham Post, 31 January, 2002 – “Damilola Killed for a Laugh”

The Daily Record, 31 January, 2002 – “Damilola’s Final Agony”

The Daily Telegraph, 1 February, 2002 – “Damilola Fell into My Lap and Lay Dying”

The Northern Echo, 1 February, 2002 – “Damilola’s Mum Flees Horror Vid”

The Daily Record, 2 February, 2002 – “Cop’s Battle to Save Dami”

The Daily Mirror, 5 February, 2002 – “I Saw the Boys Kill Damilola”

The Daily Mirror, 5 February, 2002 – “Damilola Taylor Trial”

Daily Post, 5 February, 2002 – “Damilola Trial Halted by Witness”

The Daily Mirror, 6 February, 2002 – “The Damilola Trial”

The Scotsman, 7 February, 2002 –“Damilola Girl in Holiday Boast”

The Daily Mirror, 8 February, 2002 – “Trial Day 7”

The Birmingham Post, 9 February, 2002 – “I Wouldn’t Take the Reward Money”

The Birmingham Post, 13 February, 2002 – “Damilola Witness Denies Reading Details About Case in Newspaper”

The Birmingham Post, 15 February, 2002 –  “Police Desperate to Find Damilola Witness”

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The Sunday Mirror, 1 March, 2002 – “What Had a 10-Year-Old Boy Done to Result in Getting Him Stabbed?”

The Sunday Mirror, 5 March, 2002 – “We Only Stabbed Him”

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Liverpool Echo, 25 April, 2002 – “Focus Turns to Police Inquiry”

News of the World, 8 December, 2002 – “Met Facing Rap Over Damilola Case”

Evening Standard, 24 January, 2006 – “Damilola: The New Evidence”

The Sunday Mirror, 25 January, 2006 – “Dami’s Blood Found on Boy’s Trainer”

The Sunday Mirror, 10 August, 2006 – “We Pray His Gentle Soul Can Now Rest in Peace”

The Sun, 27 November, 2010 – “My Little Boy Never Got To Realise His Dreams”

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“Damilola – Death of a Ten Year Old”

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